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Elena feat Danny Mazo – Senor Loco

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Elena feat Danny Mazo – Senor Loco şarkı sözleri

Şarkı Sözleri:
You want a pice of my pie
I know you want it all
You may get horny if I
It was. loco
I got the candy that you need, loco
But I wont give you up for free

I’m not that easy baby.
I’m not that type of lady.
I like to play a little game.
Mi juego te tortura, una locura.
Oh let me take you on the sexy aventura.
Senor Loco, I tease you just un poco.
And make you feel caliente,
Caliente tonight.

Elena feat Danny Mazo’nun, Yeni Dünya Müzik etiketiyle yayınlanan “Senor Loco” albümünde yer alan “Senor Loco” isimli şarkısı, video klibiyle netd’de.

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